"Good Brocade"好锦的“錦” 字是形容世界上最好的织物,在中国被评为世界非物质文化遗产黎锦的载体老料是“木棉”,是现成遗留下来的纺织服装历史三千年的活化石。

在当今木棉被誉为植物的软黄金,中华“好锦” 品牌寓意: 女子金帛、帛金子女,人类进步发展依托着不断地生育繁衍能力形成一个个家庭,女性、孩子的健康关系着民族的未来,国家的希望。

The word "brocade" of good brocade describes the best fabric in the world. In China, the carrier of "Li brocade", which is rated as the world's intangible cultural heritage, is "kapok", a ready-made living fossil of textile and clothing with a history of three thousand years.

In today's kapok is known as plant soft gold, Chinese "good brocade" brand meaning: women golden silk, golden children, human progress and development rely on the continuous fertility and reproduction ability to form a family, the health of women and children is related to the future of the nation, the hope of the country.

"Giggling Baby"婴童类目在中国传承了“Good Brocade Kapok”生态品质基因,其优秀匠心团队在大中华时尚、设计、创新之都-深圳提供了医疗保健功能性产品和服务为理念,为全球年轻的妈妈在孕婴童过程中提高品质生活,提升幸福健康水平。

"Giggling Baby" inherits the ecological quality gene of "Good Brocade Kapok" in China, and its excellent creative team provides the concept of healthcare functional products and services in Shenzhen, the city of fashion, design and innovation in Greater China, to improve the quality of life and the level of happiness and health for young mothers around the world in the process of pregnancy, infant and children. 

"Good Brocade"、“Giggling Baby”品牌孕育土壤深圳市拥有全世界DNA科研医疗健康服务事业,创新摇篮、生态家园、设计之都、开放之窗、催生着世界级品牌领先发展。

"Giggling Baby" brand breeds soil Shenzhen has the world's DNA scientific research, medical and health services, the cradle of innovation, the ecological home, the design city, the open window, giving birth to the leading development of world-class brands.





Good kam kapok science driven, technology innovation, on the enduring ecological material for natural gene, developed a series of functional products, antibacterial antibacterial, comfortable and breathable, hydrophobic wet dispelling itch, your beautiful skin, patent achievements of health preservation is a domestic initiative, the international leading, make daily in nursing women, infant health concept leads the global development trend of clothing accessories, redefined the nourishing healthy life value.

亲和生态环境是全球持续健康发展基石,Giggling Baby”跨越欧亚大陆、结合世界各地国家的环保设计理念,赋予新生代妈妈和baby一个崭新的美好生活体验。

An eco-friendly environment is the cornerstone of sustainable and healthy global development."Giggling Baby" spans the Eurasian continent and combines environmental protection with countries around the world.The design concept endows the new generation of mothers and babies with a new and wonderful life experience.



Inheriting culture, driving innovative ecological technology research and development, striving for perfection with "excellent performance, from nature" as the design motive force, constantly upgrading products to bring baby and mother comfortable and healthy experience.


“Good Brocade kapok”、“Giggling Baby”生态产品已成功植入中国高端婴童行业并荣膺全国最佳绿色环保面料企业,得到世界各地新锐设计师的广泛应用与追随。功能品质基因通过中国CTCC  AAA认证,为全球崇尚自然低碳生活的年轻妈妈和baby重新定义了生命滋养价值。​

it’s mother Group “Good Brocade Kapok” ,which biology production already occupy the upscale baby production field in China and obtains the top enterprise in green &  environmental fabric field. The production already was adapted by designer and popular in the fashion world. Function DNA was certificated by the CTTA AA,AAA in China , which elaborates the value of growing life to the Moms who’s advocating the Low-carbon life style.​


Take care of your present and future